ZenQ helps companies improve the efficiency of their Testing Practices by 15 – 30% through its Advisory and Consulting Services

Move to the next step with our Consulting Services!

With over 2000 years of Testing experience in complex environments, our Consultants bring practical, hard-won expertise. They are active Delivery managers, and so understand the realities of doing more with less.

our approach

ZenQ’s Approach towards Consulting follows a standard 5-phase approach



Why ZenQ/Value Proposition/Benefits

ZenQ’s Test advisory and Consulting Services enable you to

  • Reduce cost of poor Quality
  • Set consistent standards across your QA teams
  • Measure and benchmark against best-in-class companies in your industry
  • Take your Engineering Practices to the next generation in Test Optimization, Test    Automation, CI/CD and DevOps
  • Accelerators that help jumpstart your Maturity Journey
    1. Fast Track Test Process Packs
    2. Tools Comparison Guides
    3. KPI Library for Testing

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