We at ZenQ offer flexible and scalable retail testing solutions that transform your business pain points into novel opportunities. Our retail eCommerce solutions help provide better supply chain management, payment processing, enhanced customer service, bookkeeping and multi-channel trade for any e-commerce applications to boost sales, improve profit margins & increase ROI to obtain a competitive advantage.


The retail sector is highly dynamic as new challenges and opportunities emerge with changes in market trends and consumer behaviour. As e-commerce has grown, the lines between purchase channels have blurred and consumers are on a constant move between these channels.


Challenges in Retail Industry:

  • Supply chain globalization
  • Increasing competition
  • Growing business volumes
  • Lower costs

Equipped with technology and domain expertise, ZenQ’s team of highly skilled developers & Test engineers are adept in providing cutting edge solutions for eCommerce applications, real-time processing systems and database-driven systems; & carrying out application testing, test data management, data security testing, legal and regulatory compliance validation services to enhance customer experience with solutions that ensure operational efficiency, load stability, information security and data confidentiality.

Expertise Areas

Our spectrum of services span across the following segments of the Retail sector include:





Why ZenQ/Value Proposition/Benefits

  • Guaranteed zero defect delivery
  • Dedicated in-house domain specialists
  • Accelerated Test Packs for the Retail Industry including:
    1. Customer PO Test Suite: Covering 200+ scenarios for Purchase Order (PO) journey in different possible flows such as Guest Checkouts, applying Promo code, PO paid with different Payment methods etc
    2. Account Payable & Receivable: Covering 60+ scenarios covering flows in creation & posting of Vouchers, invoices, credit& debit memos, cash receipts to deal with payments of the vendors & customers
  • Comprehensive testing for e-commerce applications
  • Enhanced customer experience and competitive advantage
  • Implementation of international best practices, such as OWASP, PCI, etc.
  • Expertise in POS testing and device testing for both global and localized scenarios
Our focus areas are:
  • E- Commerce
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Pharmacy retail
  • Merchandise
  • Inventory management

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