ZenQ’s Performance Testing Services help you identify and fix early in the application development lifecycle any performance issues that can lead to loss of revenue and reputation.

Attention spans of both business customers and consumers are shorter now – Over 75% of users reporting performance as the single most important reason for uninstalling apps.

We have built a dedicated Centre of Excellence that researches and builds solutions for problems in different industries across a variety of technology platforms.

our approach

ZenQ takes an End-User Centric view towards Application Performance by collaborating with multiple stakeholders in identifying performance needs. The approach is iterative and focused on isolating different layers that may be causing any potential performance issues.



Some of the key parameters that we consider in our Testing include:

  • Response times across Pages, transactions, web service requests, DB Query Execution
  • Resource utilization of Server resources (memory, storage etc) across different layers in the Application Architecture
  • Impact of Load Balancers and fail-over mechanisms
  • Normal, Peak and Stress Load mix

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