DevOps is a culture where Dev and Ops work together to streamline the processes & toolset being leveraged to enable the delivery of applications/services at high velocity. While agile methodologies have redefined software development process and enabled rapid development, DevOps emphasizes addressing the deployment/delivery constraints and enable rapid delivery by leveraging similar tools/processes across Dev and Ops.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process are often seen as the key metric to measure successful DevOps practice. With the advent of CI-CD that advocates a fully automated pipeline of development and deployment activities, the role of QA/Testing has often been seen as the slow link and enforcing QA/Testing practices that ensure the quality of the deliverable while not slowing down the pipeline is a challenge for many organizations.

We, at ZenQ, perceive the role of QA/Testing as the missing link between the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Continuous Testing, without compromising the processes built around automated delivery pipelines, principles of Dev & Ops collaboration, Infrastructure as code, etc.

For us, Continuous Testing doesn’t mean automating everything, but rather test at every phase of delivery & deployment pipeline, continuously, using a mix of manual & automated processes. We emphasize on the redefining the processes, tools and overall testing maturity to achieve the true Continuous Testing. We also emphasize on testing beyond the functional/regression and recommend implementing quality practices that validate the quality of build at every stage and dimension possible.

ZenQ recommended CI-CT-CD process


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