The pace of adoption of DevOps culture has increased significantly over the last few years. Organizations and product teams are working meticulously to reach the fully automated pipeline through continuous Integration and delivery with the highest level of collaboration with Devs, operations team, etc. However, maintaining quality continuously remains to be a challenge for successful DevOps implementation.

The role of QA, manual vs. automated testing to be used as an enabler or a blocker, etc. is still evolving. We, at ZenQ, perceive the role of QA/Testing as the missing link between the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Continuous Testing, without compromising the processes built around automated delivery pipelines, principles of Dev & Ops collaboration, Infrastructure as code, etc.

With this principle, we have been investing in developing QA practice that seamlessly integrates into DevOps culture of respective organizations and enables us to leverage better value out of the process & tools that we developed for Continuous testing.

As is the general interpretation, continuous testing does not necessarily mean automation of testing. It also means more rigorous functional tests on an on-going basis… We value the core needs of manual functional testing and automated regression tests, and also the value-add benefits of performance & security testing for any product – be it a web app, mobile app, a bunch of services or even a desktop standalone application.

However, challenges prevail in seamlessly integrating the different kinds of testing into product delivery without compromising the delivery pipeline automation. Closely working with several of our clients who have successfully transformed into DevOps + CICD culture, we have built processes & tools that make this integration seamless.


Our core testing offerings remain the same, irrespective of whether development methodology is being followed and whether DevOps culture is adopted.

A typical CI-CD Pipeline with Continuous testing can be represented as below:



Why ZenQ/Value Proposition/Benefits

  • Extensive experience in CI-CD pipeline set up and operation with multiple tools
  • Dedicated Center of Excellence and research into different areas of DevOps
  • Tools specialists for Azure, AWS and Open Source Platforms

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