At ZenQ, we understand that stringent regulatory compliance requirements across the global market have added to the burden of financial services organizations. In this context, customer experience has emerged as a real differentiator between companies offering similar services. Businesses today look for solution providers who can anticipate customer needs and provide enriching user experience and also help them seamlessly address regulatory requirements. With top data confidentiality, we make sure that the products are well-tested end to end and releases are 100% defect-free.

ZenQ brings in significant domain expertise, built over years of delivering projects to some of the most innovative companies in this industry.


Focused Solutions:

We develop domain-focused testing solutions with the functionality tailored according to the needs of our clients, such as:
  • Multi-tiered functionality to support thousands of concurrent users
  • High rate of transactions per second
  • Real time and batch processing
  • Secure transactions
  • Strong auditing to troubleshoot customer issues
  • Robust disaster management
  • Comprehensive reporting

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