Performance Testing

      While the Web application technology landscape is rapidly changing with availability of high internet bandwidth, virtually elastic cloud and new era powerful smartphone devices etc., the end-users of the web applications (B2C and B2B) have started demanding more power & more features from the applications they use, and at the same time they are also expecting their web experience to be seamless with near zero page response times. Many surveys and research reports have already established the fact that a minor increase in page response times of web pages may result in loss of millions of revenue OR loss of user base that permanently shift to an alternative.

With Application Performance being considered as an equally important attribute compared to the application’s features & usability in the current era -

  • Do you know the Page load times experienced by your end-users (in real-network conditions and last-mile locations) during Peak and Off-peak durations?
  • Do you know the Maximum concurrent users your application can support (with acceptable response times) with its current hardware configuration?
  • Do you know how scalable your application is to accommodate future growth?
  • Do you know if there any performance bottlenecks in your application? Are some of your users leaving your application never to return again?

At ZenQ, our Performance Tests Analysts have been helping several of our Clients to know answers to the above questions about their products and provide much needed support for worry-free Go-lives of their products.

Services Offered

       There are several types of performance testing/load testing such as load, stress, endurance etc. which work on same principles of performance testing, but differ in test objective and load test execution methodology. Type of load testing done depends on the kind of test requirements, and often a combination of one OR more of these testing types may need to meet all requirements.

We endeavor to give an end-to-end solution to meet all your performance test requirements and our services are packaged accordingly to satisfy different test needs that different clients may have depending on several factors such as type of application, juncture of product life cycle at which performance testing being planned etc.

The following are few of our major services offered under performance testing service line –

Web Applications (SaaS, Cloud based etc.) Mobile Applications (Native Apps)
  • Load Testing & Capacity Assessment
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Endurance & Stability Assessment
  • Real User Monitoring Setup & Performance Analysis
  • Memory Profiling & Memory Leak detection
  • App Performance Assessment with Real hardware & Real network conditions
  • Cross Platform Performance comparison
  • Load Testing against Mobile App Server
Media Content based Web Apps Webservices & ERP Applications (SAP, PeopleSoft etc.)
  • Video Streaming User Experience Assessment
  • Load & Stress Testing with concurrent Media streaming/ downloads
  • Load Testing
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Endurance & Stability Assessment
Our Process

       We follow a 4-phase process for performance testing delivery which is illustrated in picture below -

ZenQ Performance Testing Process
Our Value Proposition
  • Strong Technical Domain Expertise
    • All Performance testing projects are executed & managed by our experienced & skilled associates from Performance testing Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Rich experience
    • Successful delivery of several performance testing engagements from various domains
    • Proven expertise in Performance Testing functional area
  • Rapid Service Delivery
    • In-house developed frameworks & processes that help in quick service delivery
  • Maximized ROI
    • Cloud-based Load Test Environment with Load generators across multiple geographical locations
    • In-house developed plugins for popular load test tools for better testing and results analysis
    • Business relation with Popular Load test tool vendors for securing rental licenses to avoid big license investments
  • Low Cost - High Value Model
  • No Cost, No Obligation Pilot Project to evaluate our services

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